Rox is still in early development, and currently there are no distributed binaries. To use Rox, you will need to build it from source. Rox is developed in Rust, and to install Rox you need to install the Rust compiler rustc as well as the Rust build tool cargo. Instructions to install these can be found on the Rust page.

Rox makes use of multi-precision libraries that will need to be built before building Rox. This should be automatic on GNU/Linux and macOS, but might require some care on Windows. See this page for help to build on Windows.

Once that is out of the way, there are different ways to install Rox. The easiest is the first below.

  1. Install the latest Rox release from In the terminal execute:

    cargo install rox

    This will download the latest Rox release and install it in the cargo path. If Rust is installed properly, you can now run the Rox compiler. Try:

    rox --help
  2. Install from the git repository to get the version under current development. In the terminal execute:

    cargo install --git
  3. If you want to view or modify the source of Rox, the easiest way is to clone the git repository and build it on your machine.

    git clone
    cd rox
    cargo build

    The executable file rox should be built in the directory rox/target/debug. If you want to build the optimized version rather than the debug version, use cargo build --release, and the optimized executable will be built in the directory rox/target/release.